NorthernTel has different base rate schedules for calling within North America and Overseas. They include time-of-day discounts and various transaction charges. Below are the different categories of base rates depending on location.

  • You pay only for the minutes your call is connected. A minimum charge applies.
  • Where direct-dial station-to-station facilities are not available, calls placed with an operator from a residence or business still qualify for direct-dial rates
  • Each rate period begins at the time specified and extends to, but does not include the time specified for the start of the next period.
  • For current rates, please dial "00" (zero, zero)

* Sunday rates apply December 25 and January 1.
+ This chart reflects our basic long distance rates. Different rates may apply at different times within our long distance plans

Base Rate Schedule - Across Canada and the United States    view 
These are the base rates for service between a rate centre of NorthernTel and a rate centre in another part of Canada or the United States.

Base Rate Schedule - International Outbound   view
These are the base rates for International outbound service for destinations other than in Canada or the United States.

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Visit the Support page for help with Long Distance calling.